Kelly Baber
19907 Aldine-Westfield
Humble, TX 77338
Phone: 832.275.7012

Summary of Qualifications:

· MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)
· MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator)
· MCSE for Windows 2000 (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
· MCDBA for Microsoft SQL 2000 (Microsoft Certified DataBase Administrator)
· Adept at Mathematical and Logical thought processes
· Ten years experience in deep ERD database design and applications
· Experience in Windows 2000 server, Windows 2003 server, SQL 7, SQL 2000/2005, ASP.NET, C#, VB, JavaScript, XML, AJAX
· Seven years experience in distributed web-based database application development.
· Over 10 years experience in Sales, Sales Management, Purchasing and Expediting
· Extensive experience with Pipeline and Process Valves including Design, Manufacturing, and Refurbishment
· QC Experience, including ISO 9000 series, Deming’s philosophies and Malcolm Baldridge Criteria

Employment History

October 2004– Present Houston, TX/World Wide

• Currently specializing in Mechanical Completion and Commissioning software module.
• Utlize SQL Server 2000/2005, ASP.NET C#/VB,
• Tasks include setting up servers and configuring technology environment. Integration with INTools SmartPlant, PDS,PDMS, other engineering software, document control modules for access to P&IDs, Isometrics, Layout Drawings, etc.
• Have worked in Brazil, Venezuela, Canada, Norway, The Netherlands, Indonesia and the U.S.
• Have done global rollouts for ConocoPhillips, Aker Kvaerner, Alcoa, PDVSA, SNC Lavalin.
• Built a Decision & Risk Analysis PIMS Module to ConocoPhillips’ North Sea Business Unit specifications (Project based in Stavanger, Norway)
• Duties include understanding customer requirements for web application functionality and managing a strategy to lead to the realization of these goals with SQL Server and .Net resources.
• Have led an effort to find and fix legacy database inefficiencies and improve overall database design, reliability and usability of the AppFrame R2 SQL Server Db structure.

May 2003– July 2004 Houston, TX

· Database Architect for a OLAP cube browser and multidimensional analysis software tool.
· Duties included importing raw data, designing DTS packages, reorganizing data for compatibility with Analysis Services and Cube optimization.
· Designed Cubes, built dimensions, measures, calculated members and named sets.
· Responsible for finding and suggesting improvements to the data schema and structure.
· Required to design all aspects of database construction, load and maintenance.
· Required to build ASP pages that retrieve and present relational data from multidimensional “actions”.
· Rapid development of Analysis Services Cubes (Star and/or Snowflake Schemas).
· Designed ETL projects using MS DTS.
· Produced MOLAP and HOLAP Cubes, Periodically built ROLAP Dimensions.
· Designed Data Warehouses for demo with contingency plans for production rollout.
· Built complex MS DTS ETL packages.

Aug 2002– May 2003 Houston, TX

· Lead Programmer for a Web based Chart presentation Data Dimensioning system for the therapy industry.
· The system receives the daily work and time allocation for all employees of a therapy facility and dynamically produces graphs, charts and tables that enable managers to evaluate the efficiency of their workers service and care efforts.
· This system is used by Hospitals such as Baylor Rehab Inpatient Therapy, Metropolitan Methodist Hospital and Memorial Herman Heathcare System, and others to improve the cost effectiveness and quality of the care provided by their Sports, Speech, Occupational, Physical and other Therapy Programs

1998 – Present Houston, TX

· Designed an exhaustive coding scheme for categorizing and cross-reference all Pipeline and Process Valves and other PVF equipment from multiple vendors.
· Built an advanced product descriptor database for the oil and gas industry, which includes a three-tiered hierarchy structure over an imbedded parametric structure with an unlimited number of concatenations on a 40-attribute combination. This system extended out relationally to include synonym tables, language translation tables, unit of measure tables and still more deep functionality.
· Built Search and Select functionality for a database using Active Server Pages calling up SQL through Stored Procedures, Visual Basic, and assorted Views.
· Built a data normalization tool that enables on-line transformation of flat legacy files into an MS SQL Server relational format using ASP, VBScript, and JavaScript on SQL.
· Designed Data Transformation tools, Backup scripts, DB Maintenance Plans, Security Structures, Linked Servers, and SQL Mail alerts.
· Built the web servers and designed security for them including Network Address Translation, Packet Filtering, Packet Monitoring, Port Mapping and IP Subnetting.

1995 – 1998 Sales, Marketing Mgr./VP Synergy Valves, d.b.a. R & M Valve, Houston, TX

· Initiated engineering and end-user sales for Valve Brokerage Company and took volume from zero sales to over $200K per month in less than 16 months with a total marketing budget of less than $25K.
· Designed an ISO 9003 Quality Control Checklist for the repair of Pipeline and Process Valves that takes into consideration all parts on all valves with different inspection criteria for each part.
· Developed a broker expediting system that incorporates such programs as Act!, WinFax, Excel, and after-market quoting software for specifying, sourcing and quoting valves.
· Developed an Internet delivered distributed procurement database tool that improves valve Specification, Procurement, and Maintenance.

1994 – 95 Re-Manufactured Valve Sales Metro Valve Supply, Houston, TX

· Valve sales. Set a record for highest dollar volume, largest single sale, and most developed accounts within first 12 months.
· Managed procurement and delivery for projects exceeding $500K.

1988 – 89 Sales P.I. Advertising, Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL
1989 – 93 Sales Mgr. P.I. Advertising, Philadelphia, PA Washington, D.C and Atlanta, GA
1993 – 94 Sales Mgr./Co-Owner P.I. Advertising, Boston, MA

· Advertising sales, management and training.
· Set a company-wide record of 9 consecutive months with a high weekly sales goal.
· Was promoted from the bottom of the corporate sales hierarchy to the top management tier in 4 years.

Sales, Purchasing, Negotiation

· Set many company-wide records for consistently high sales goal.
· Set records for highest dollar volume, largest single sale, and most developed accounts.
· Experience managing Procurement and Delivery of multiple mid sized projects.
· Experience Negotiating with multiple vendors to gain the best Price, Quality, and Availability combinations.

Valve Manufacturing and Quality Control

· Able to provide quality valve selection with design and manufacturing differences to customer specified applications.
· Able to design valve repair, re-manufacturing, and modification procedures to cost-effectively satisfy customer requirements.
· Designed an ISO 9003 Quality Control Checklist This Checklist has been used by many engineering firms as acceptable criteria for the inspection of factory new and modified new valves.
· Contract experience working with a Chinese Castings and Forgings company to explore Q.C. strategies.
· Deep understanding of API, ASME, ASTM, MSS, and other proprietary PVF specifications.

Computer Applications

· Windows Professional / Server / Advanced Server
· IIS 5.0, SMTP
· TCP/IP, Routing, NAT, DHCP, DNS, LAN, WAN, Internetworking, etc.
· Hardware and Software Firewall Security
· Structured Query Language, T-SQL, Advanced Joins
· Data Modeling that includes data flow diagrams and ER diagrams
· MS SQL Server, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Profiler, Index Tuning, etc.
· Stored Procedures, Views
· Active Server Pages, C#.NET, VB.NET, AJAX
· CDO and NTS
· Database Connectivity, ActiveX Data Objects, ODBC, OLE DB, DSN
· eXtensible Mark-up Language, XSL, SOAP, DTD, Schema building
· JavaScript, VBScript
· Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting
· Four years experience in database applications
· Experience in Windows 2000 server, SQL 7 & SQL 2000, ASP, Javascript, VBscript, XML


1984 – 88 Political Science - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN